mini excavator
Coiled Tubing Unit

Coil Tubing Reel

Coil Tubing Reel Coiling To The Deep 145〞 Reel Flange OD 80〞 Core Shaft Diameter 84〞 Reel Inner Diameter Features Product advantages The reel has large capacity, and the longest …

Coiled Tubing Unit

Coil Tubing Injector

Coil Tubing Injector Downward In The Direction 450KN Max Lifting Power 225KN Max Injection Power 58M/Min Max Operating Speed-High Gears Features Product advantages With complete hydraulic control, it has high …

Coiled Tubing Unit

Coil Tubing Truck

Coil Tubing Truck Highly Versatile Machines 450kN Max Continuous Lifting Power 353kW Mounted Power 70 /105Mpa Max Pressure Features Product advantages The well operation is deep, and the 2 “tube …